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it’s the economy, genius

April 1, 2009

Numbers don’t lie. President Obama’s favorable ratings are at their lowest point since he took office. The latest polls have him down to 66 percent. This, while 25 percent think he’s done a lousy job, especially with regards to our current financial distress. Interesting, since his first budget hasn’t even been approved yet, and also for the fact that analysts unanimously agreed that the recession wouldn’t end until the end of 2009 at the earliest. When did they come to that conclusion? Before last year’s election!

More bad numbers. The jobless count for last month topped 740,000. Couple that with the tens of thousands of rioters clashing with cops in London in protest of the already failed G-20 summit and you have a recipe for disaster.

Britain G20

Sure, there’s positive talk about easing relations with a number of countries, but none of that matters if folks can’t afford to feed and clothe their families. President Obama will end up a one-termer if the economy doesn’t bounce back strongly, no matter how wonderful his foreign policies are.

Winston Churchill defeated the Nazis, but was ousted from office due to England’s post-war economy. Bush 41 saw communism officially end in Russia while he was in office, but a weak economy opened the door for Bill Clinton.

Look, I’m a progressive and I hope President Obama is successful. But if the recession doesn’t end soon, Sarah Palin will be swept into office in 2012. God help us all…

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  1. Jeanne permalink
    April 1, 2009 8:51 pm

    I think you are right that President’s second term is dependent on the performance of the economy. All this awful stuff is going down at the start of his term…four years should be plenty of time to see if his policies succeed. As for Governor Palin, I know it’s a real possibility that she’ll run, but I just don’t see it. She would have to really become a new woman in terms of her knowledge and style to be a contender. Then again…four years is an awfully long time.

  2. April 2, 2009 12:13 am

    Great points. He’s got a lot to deal with, plenty of time to show progress, and Palin would need a lot of psychiatric help if she really wanted to be a viable candidate.

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