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it’s time!!!

April 19, 2009

Texas wants to secede from the Union.


President Obama is in cahoots with commies.


Rush Limbaugh is afraid for his life.


A wise Roman Governor once asked, “What is truth?” In today’s world, “truth” is entirely dependent upon where you get your news. You can bask in the glory of the American spirit watching tea-parties on FOX NEWS, or chuckle at the toilet humor on MSNBC. A simple threat analysis, something which Homeland Security releases dozens or so a year, has the right-wing up in arms; even though the real threat is EXTREMISTS on the right who are LITERALLY up in arms. You can cower in fear that the President is the Antichrist because he gave an economic speech at Georgetown University if you get your news from CBN. The mainstream media only covered the words that were spoken, they missed the whole interior-decoration story. (Perhaps because it wasn’t a real story.)

Want the facts? Okay, here goes: America is in a mess. Now, we can hyperventilate over ridiculous fringe nonsense, like exactly how many seconds Obama and Chavez spent shaking hands; or we can deal with the real problems we face as a nation. The election is long over, except of course in Minnesota. Time to start acting like adults and work our way toward recovery, domestically and globally. Time to grow up…

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