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world to america: drop dead

April 6, 2009

As President Obama finishes up his first official overseas trip, experts unanimously agree it’s been a colossal, epic, unprecedented disaster. He goes to the G-20 Summit, gets 1.1 trillion dollars from the IMF to go to emerging markets, or, to put it in terms Joe the Plumber can relate to, Obama’s doctrine of “share the wealth”. He forges an agreement to drastically increase regulation on an international scale, proving to his critics that he’s not a free-market kind of guy. Lastly, he negotiates a compromise between the French and Chinese in their disagreement over regulations on tax-havens. Americans hate peacemakers, just ask Jimmy Carter.

Next, he turns up at the NATO Conference, and even though he predicted he’d get no help from his European counterparts, they agreed to send 5,000 souls to join us in the morass that is known as the Afghanistan-Pakistan contingency initiative.

Lastly, the President visits the moderate Muslim democracy that actually doesn’t hate Israel: Turkey. He quotes an old Muslim proverb: “You can’t put out a fire with flames.” Sparking a fresh debate by some on the right that are whispering, “See, we told you he was a secret Muslim!” Of course, President Obama merely suggested that it was a necessary first step to develop better relations with all the players in the region.

Obama US Turkey

Bottom line, 59 percent of Americans said that the President’s trip has either not changed the world’s opinion of America, or have made it worse. Since we can’t poll the entire world, that will have to be the barometer with which to judge President Obama’s performance.

Look, I’m a progressive and I support the President wholeheartedly. I just wish the rest of the world would wait a little longer before condemning this man as the worst President in American history.


it’s the economy, genius

April 1, 2009

Numbers don’t lie. President Obama’s favorable ratings are at their lowest point since he took office. The latest polls have him down to 66 percent. This, while 25 percent think he’s done a lousy job, especially with regards to our current financial distress. Interesting, since his first budget hasn’t even been approved yet, and also for the fact that analysts unanimously agreed that the recession wouldn’t end until the end of 2009 at the earliest. When did they come to that conclusion? Before last year’s election!

More bad numbers. The jobless count for last month topped 740,000. Couple that with the tens of thousands of rioters clashing with cops in London in protest of the already failed G-20 summit and you have a recipe for disaster.

Britain G20

Sure, there’s positive talk about easing relations with a number of countries, but none of that matters if folks can’t afford to feed and clothe their families. President Obama will end up a one-termer if the economy doesn’t bounce back strongly, no matter how wonderful his foreign policies are.

Winston Churchill defeated the Nazis, but was ousted from office due to England’s post-war economy. Bush 41 saw communism officially end in Russia while he was in office, but a weak economy opened the door for Bill Clinton.

Look, I’m a progressive and I hope President Obama is successful. But if the recession doesn’t end soon, Sarah Palin will be swept into office in 2012. God help us all…

the wheels fall off the wagoner

March 30, 2009

Senator Shelby has made it clear he wants GM and Chrysler to go bankrupt. Senator Corker is upset over President Obama’s heavy handedness with regards to the auto industry. Well, they can’t both be happy.

Let’s be clear about one thing. GM will eventually get all, or at least most, of the money they’re seeking. All the President wants to do is make sure they spend it wisely. That’s why Rick Wagoner is out and Fritz Henderson is now behind the driver’s seat. Henderson knows the task force will play a major role in GM’s ability to move forward. Wagoner was not as receptive to the idea of Washington telling Detroit what to do. Guess what? If Washington is footing the bill, they have every right to have a say in how GM spends it.

Chrysler, on the other hand, is not considered “too big to fail”, so the only way they’ll survive is if they consummate the marriage with Fiat, so they gain at least a foothold in a market outside of North America. It looks as though Chrysler is desperate enough, that that’s exactly what they’ll do.

Please remember that neither company is failing because union wages are too high. Yes, legacy obligations and health care are dragging American automakers down, but there’s more to it than that. GM lost tons of money on bad loans by Ditech, a branch of GMAC, and Chrysler had all it’s profits sucked dry by Dalmer-Benz before they dumped it.

So while everyone is suffering, President Obama is dishing out what some have called “tough love”. Republicans might not love it, but at this point: tough.

earth day, 2009

March 28, 2009

With all that’s going on right now, drug wars in Mexico, residents along the banks of the Red River suffering from the effects of Climate Change, America’s fight against the Taliban in Afghanistan and Pakistan, and the collapse of the global economy, please remember that today is a very special day, not only in America, but across the entire planet. It’s Earth Day.

Between 8:30pm and 9:30pm, in whatever time zone you’re in, please remember to turn off all nonessential lights. This act in itself won’t save all mankind, but it’s a start.


Observance began in Australia.

it sure was an interesting day yesterday

March 27, 2009

The GOP got the Dems in an old-fashioned smackdown yesterday. Two terrifically horrific battles immediately come to mind.

While President Obama held an unprecedented online town-hall meeting which broke all records (simply by the fact that it had never been done before), John Boehner battled back by revealing the long-awaited Republican budget plan. It was nineteen pages long with an unexpected twist: there were no numbers in it. Take that, liberals!

The other case was a little more nuanced. Treasury Secretary Tim Geitner appeared before the Hill asking for sweeping new powers to regulate non-banking financial institutions, based on the powers the FDIC has to regulate banking institutions. Although there was agreement from both sides that something needed to be done, the wise old foxes at FOX NEWS weren’t having any of it.


The same folks who blasted Geitner two weeks ago over AIG bonuses (What did you know, when did you know it, why didn’t you stop it?) were now throwing out words like fascist, dictatorship, not to mention their favorite, socialist…


Well, you can’t please all the people all the time.