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a fierce nor’ easter

April 11, 2009

A few thoughts at this most holiest of times. Not three months into his administration, President Obama is already mired in a hostage crisis. FOX NEWS has pointed out that if the crew of the Maersk Alabama was armed, the pirates would not have been able to board her. Despite the fact that the decision to arm the crew or use armed security is a business decision based primarily on insurance issues, it’s the President’s anti-gun position that has put Americans at risk.

Also interesting is the advent of FOX NEWS tea parties. This is where the loyal opposition protests President Obama’s tax cuts for 95 percent of Americans. Not only do I have a problem with the logic, I have a problem with the message. These are the same folks who will celebrate the resurrection of their hero who addressed the issue of taxes thus: Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s and unto God that which is God’s.


Lastly there’s the fascination FOX NEWS has with the President’s spiritual life. The President was roundly condemned for going to a Christian Church that taught affirmative action. He was castigated for having both anti-abortion as well as pro-gay clergymen pray at his inauguration ceremonies. Whispers of him being a secret Muslim resurfaced during the President’s recent overseas trip. And, the President just broke ground by hosting a Passover Seder at the White House.

President Obama has said many times that America is a nation of ideals. We shouldn’t be running around with pitchforks going after anyone who doesn’t live by the same set of parables as we do. That would be like a group of people living by the worldview of Charles Dickens fighting with a group of people living by the radically different worldview of Mark Twain.

Tomorrow, believers across the globe will celebrate the glorious resurrection of God, Who became Man, to save us all. Yes, the resurrection of the Egyptian God Osiris, who returned from the dead; thereby his divine Father, Horus, defeated Satan and all mankind was spared. A centuries-later reworking of that story will be honored as well.

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